Our Supporters

A big shout out and special thanks to the following fine folks who have stepped up to support the production of Waiting Outside… and help get our short film made, creating professional arts jobs!  Want to get in on the action? Check out how on this page.

Public Funding

City of St. Johns Logo
Waiting Outside… received a $2,250 grant from the City of St. John’s

Corporate Supporters

Bill Matthews Volkswagen – Associate Producer level – $1,500
Kilmory Resort
– Associate Producer level – $1,000
WaterWerks Communications – Screening Party Supporter level – $500
Bluedrop Performance Learning – Cover to Cover Credit Thanks level – $100
Piatto Pizzeria + Enoteca
Jumping Bean

Private Supporters

Heather Jamieson – Script Slip Credit Thanks – $65
Ashley Fitzpatrick – Credit Thanks – $30
James Quinlan – Credit Thanks – $30
Martine Blue – Photo Finish – $10 + $10 added
Paddy Greene – Photo Finish – $10