Inspiration & Story

The Inspiration
Waiting Outside takes its inspiration from a poem in Carmelita McGrath’s collection, Escape Velocity, a finalist for the 2013 BMO Winterset Award. By day, Joshua Jamieson, is the Communications Officer for ArtsNL, which manages the award. In working with finalists for a public reading event, he was hit by a poem in Carmelita’s book that was incredibly cinematic and beautiful. A family friend for decades, the two discussed adapting it for film. She graciously agreed, and both her and the publisher (Goose Lane Editions) gave their blessing.

The Story
The short film will spend three days with Simon, a single father, and his eight year old daughter Scout, opening with scenes in a city park having a fun Sunday afternoon together. That night the two continue to do everything together – sharing a supper before settling in for their weekly movie night. The next scenes show a morning routine before Scout’s off to camp, the surprises her father packs into her lunch.

The final scenes show the dad arriving at a medical facility of some sort through strategic camera work, visual and audio cues. He approaches a registration desk before taking a seat to wait for an appointment, shuffling through magazines on a table. Another woman in the waiting room watches as Simon thumbs through a magazine. The two share some poignant small talk that becomes jarring, just before Simon is called in.

The film is about loss, and how life can be short and change at any moment. The film was shot in St. John’s on August 20 and 21, 2016 and is currently in post-production. It is also submitted to the Inside Out Film Festival’s Short to Feature program for consideration to receive a grant via the Harold Greenberg Fund to further expand characters and story in a feature film format.