Newfoundland and Labrador filmmaker’s LGBTQ short film Waiting Outside… goes international, again!

October 3, 2018 (St. John’s, NL) – Fresh off its most recent screening as an official selection at FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival held in Halifax, Nova Scotia producer/director/writer Joshua Jamieson’s latest release – a short film called Waiting Outside… – will screen again internationally later this month.

Jamieson recently announced the news that Waiting Outside… is an official selection of the Scottish Independent Film Festival on social media through his Twitter profile ( and on the film’s official Facebook page ( The film will screen in Edinburgh on October 26, 2018, and more details regarding venue and screening time will be forthcoming once the festival releases its full schedule.

The film is about a father named Simon (Clint Butler) who cares for his young daughter Scout (Kate Dobbin) while his husband Felix is deployed overseas. When Simon gets a serious diagnosis, his world is shaken and he must deal with it, and the future, alone. The cast also includes performances from the incomparable Amy House, as well as Kyle Snow and Lisa Rose Snow.

The film’s score is an original composition by ECMA award winning musician Rozalind MacPhail, who also co-wrote lyrics to the closing credits song with Jamieson. The script is based on a poem by Carmelita McGrath from her book Escape Velocity (Goose Lane Editions), and the film was also produced by Ruth Lawrence and shot by cinematographer Brad Gover.

Waiting Outside… carries an endorsement from the Canadian Cancer Society-NL for its authenticity and realistic depiction. The film also won the NL Joy Award from the Linda Joy Media Arts Society for its outstanding script, which supported its three day shoot in August 2016 following Jamieson’s participation in the Newfoundland and Labrador Film Development Corporation’s film business development mission to Los Angeles, CA that summer. Waiting Outside… was ultimately fully completed in January 2018, and began its film festival circuit with availability at the Cannes Film Festival, specifically within the Short Film Corner.

After seeing the short, a film festival reviewer wrote, “Waiting Outside… absolutely floored me. Director Joshua Jamieson pushes this perfectly-cast group of people and makes this film shine. With a gripping opening and a perfect, melancholy ending, it had me the whole way…

Within Newfoundland and Labrador, the short film was an official selection at the Nickel Independent Film Festival, which has also chosen it to be a part of its eventual road show lineup. The next local screening of Waiting Outside… will be in Clarenville, NL where the short is an official selection at the 2nd Annual Smith Sound Film Festival taking place October 12, 2018. Tickets for that screening are $10 and they are available now through the Eastlink Events Centre (; all proceeds from this screening will be donated to the local regional food bank.

We hope it furthers a conversation on quality of life while shining a light on the challenges faced by people in similar situations, and the impacts those challenges have on them.

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